While at Sandbox F/X, I got the opportunity to work on three different projects. My main focus was The Independent which starred Jodie Turner-Smith, Brian Cox, and John Cena. The film was released on Peacock TV in the fall of 2022. Most work was screen compositing as well as clean-up/reflection removal. The second project I worked on is Paramount's Organ Trail. This project was interesting to work on as much of the work was removing modern technology. I also got to have some fun with small CGI explosions and gunshots. The last project I worked on was Creed III. Most work was roto, tracking, and object removal in preparation for CG stadiums to be composited in fight scenes. I was then tasked with creating and adding in the CG stadiums with animated crowds. In my second year with Sandbox, I wasn't able to work on as many films due to the strikes but nonetheless was challenged with more complex shots. I focused on Road House (Unreleased-Expected 2023) specifically on incorporating a CGI bus into some establishing shots and car composites. This was an incredible opportunity and I cannot thank John Nugent (VFX Supervisor & Founder), Wendy Gipp (House Producer), and Jay Laline (Sr. Compositing Artist) enough for the opportunity and support they have given me. I also want to thank them for the footage that made the reel below possible. If you'd like to contact Wendy or John please feel free to do so through the Sandbox F/X website linked below.
The Independent (2022)
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